Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Times.

I wrote about my friend Piet the other day who played at our Collision music fest thing. Today I was looking at some pics on the computer and found this one of us playing in Brussels. I love this picture. I might be one of my favorite pictures of all time. I like it better than an Ansel Adams picture of the Grand Canyon or one those lame motivational pictures with the crew team rowing on a lake or a river or whatever.

So, this made me think I want to post a couple other of my favorite pictures just for fun. Fun for me, it its fun for you great, if not, I apologize.

I love this pic because it was New Years 2004 in Time Square NYC. I love it because Ray looks super cute and I look somewhere between really, really excited or crazy and out of my mind with uncontrollable rage.

Here is one more pic I like. This is a different trip to NYC we are in Central Park looking rugged and handsome. A couple of facts about this picture.

1. Tim, who turned 31 yesterday, didn't bring a good hat and his ears were freezing all day.

2. Me, the writer of this blog, thought that winter in NYC was a good time to shave my beard. My face was so cold.

3. Chad, is getting married next month. Well, he was last time I talked to him. I hate when you haven't seen somebody for a while and then you mention their girlfriend and then they have to go into the sad story of why she left him or whatever. Beans, I hope your wedding is still on. I am heartbroken I can't be there. Ray Ray is too.

So there are some pics I like. There are more, but if you want to see those you have to come over to my house and bring me something, then I will show them to you. Cheers.



chad. said...

Fact #4: MY favorite picture of all time was taken that day, but Rachel and Suzy decided to ruin it by getting in it way in the distance.

The wedding is still on...25 days...we'll miss you guys!


chad. said...

I also just realized that my blog icon picture was taken just before we went into the city.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Fun pics! That first one looks so cool! and that NYC middle pic is awesome! You guys look really happy there :)

Suzy said...

Hey, you remember that time when we waited and waited to see the ball drop on New Years in the City in the freezing cold and then you and Tim had to pee because ya'll drank too much beer and we left at 11:30?!? Yeah. That was wack. Oh wait - maybe THAT is why you have that crazy grin on your face. Heh.