Monday, October 08, 2007

Oh Hi Oh.

My buddy Chad (who through the years has had various nick names including; Brown, CB, BC, Bean Town, Town, Beazy, Beanzoid, Zoid [note that he is neither from nor in my memory ever been to Boston]) is getting married to a wonderful woman named Rachel this coming Friday. They will be wed in Ohio somewhere and I am bummed that I can't make the wedding.

I did get a little fright the other day though when I read on Fox News this headline,

Ohio Couple Marries in Wal-Mart

The reason it scared me a little was I thought that I missed Chad's wedding day and he scrapped the nice church wedding for a wedding in his local Wal-Mart.

Don't worry, it turns out it wasn't him so I am happy to say that I still have friends with a little class. Not to say that people getting married in Wal-Mart don't have class (I would hate to get sued for saying that). Because I think that more people should get married at Wal-Mart. I mean how many times have you gotten dressed up and realized that you only have one dress sock. You could pick up a fresh pair of socks on the way to the ceremony. Plus, I can never think of a proper wedding gift. So you could go see what the others bought and then go shopping on the way to the reception. You could swing through Electronics and get a camcorder or Sporting Goods and get a new tackle box or Home Furnishings and get a nice futon chair printed slip cover.

I am loving this idea, then you could get some beers (PBR) to take to the reception if you don't like the punch. The more I think of it I think there should be a law past that nobody can marry outside a Wal-Mart. Life would be so much easier then.

Congrats Chad and good thing you are getting married before I get this Wal-Mart wedding law past. Cheers.


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