Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reentry. Open House. Splash Report.

We are in reentry now after tour. Its a week with teachings and other activities to finish off the year for the team members. Its nice being home, but its strange knowing that I will never see most of this team again. We have traveled a long road together and its sad to think its done.

Our banquet is on Friday and that really marks the end of it all. Its going to be a fun party, I might wear a tie.

Open House

We are having an open house on Sunday. I really hope this house gets interested buyers soon. I am stressing a bit about it because we won't be able to afford to keep it and not live in it. Please pray the selling goes smoothly.

Splash Report

Todays swim workout was the first time I really felt comfortable in the pool. I swam a little over a mile, woohoo!

I did a set of 1000m Freestyle. Then I did 600m Open Water Simulation freestyle (the tri is in a river, so not wall to push off every 25 meters). When I reach the end of the pool I don't touch the wall, I just turn around and start again. Its tough, but good for building the endurance without relying on the wall. Then I finished with a medley of swim strokes to cool down. It was a great workout. Cheers.


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