Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back From Camp


We had a great time at Adventure Camp. We are on management so we mostly observe and get to know the team members. However, the team members are put through a very tough series of tasks that helps them to build a feeling of team. It is very hard though and they have to go for 4 days on little sleep and little food, but they all survived. Rach and I had a great time. We took Guinness and she enjoyed being out on the farm running around and getting into trouble. I hope you are all well. Cheers.


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Jani said...

Chris, I'm glad to hear you guys are back & alive! AvontuurKamp is so much fun...when you get to sit back and observe!!! We've been praying for you & Rach! We received your newsletter. God will be faithful in your journey! We love you! Let us know what we can pray for! Cheers