Monday, January 16, 2006

Hey Guys


We are all up and running with C-Kruis. There are people dancing, playing music and acting all over the place. People are shuffling back and forth to teachings and it is a bit hectic. I am happy with my band. I have a great lot of guys who are very talented and have a passion for music, which makes my job easier. We have our own classes and today Rach started teaching us theory. She had a great class and I am glad to say my band finished assignments before the other band, GO RED TEAM! Yesterday she told me if I were to act up in class she would give me push-ups, 60 I think. So lets just say I was a sweet little school boy. I shaved off my beard last night so that would help with the school boy look. I look like I am 15 years old. Everyone at the training facility made fun of me. Besides me being made fun of, life in the Republic of South Africa is going well, busy, but well. Hope all is well with you. Cheers.



Jana Hunter said...

Hi "kids"!
I'm so glad to see that Rachel is getting to use her degree! If she is like her mother, she won't appreciate less than total attention to her teaching! My teaching is also going well! My kids are great, and teaching here in Saudi Arabia is the "ult"!
I love you guys! Stay in touch, okay?
Love you!

Jani said...

Chris, so the 13th floor guys drove away this morning, taking our African hub with them. God was so amazing, & they blessed out community.
I'm glad to here that Rach is using her talents.. she is a good teacher. Go check this out - The J’burg skyline is beautiful with the Vodacom Tower in the background.

Chad French said...

Glad to hear things are going well in So Africa. Hopefully you'll post a pic of baby face Chris. I've enjoyed keeping track of ya. Blog you later.

Chad French

kevinjones79810594 said...

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Jana Hunter said...

I can't get in to my email! I see you emailed me back, but I coulnd't open it. Now I can't even get email to open! I think some updates from Microsoft screwed everything up! So, PLEASE if you read this soon (I am typing it at 12:40 AM Wednesday 1/25) either call me, if you can, or write a comment on MY blog so I know what's going on with you! Okay? PLEASE!! I HATE not being able to communicate with you or anyone else! It's so frustrating!
I love you!

Betsy said...

hey guys,

just wanted you to know that i interviewed a girl today that is going to come to JBC and go into ministry because of the traveling mercies:)

have a good day!


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B.Fulton said...

Wow, sounds like the excitement never stops for you two. It's really great to hear what you're up to. Steve and I are ministering in a foreign land, as well. We've moved to a cold, snowy place they call Ohio. We're just outside of Cleveland, and it's going great so far. Steve is the worship minister and I am the children's minister, and Max (our 16 week old puppy) is training to keep the geese out of the pond.

Think of you often.


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