Thursday, January 05, 2006

Off to Adventure Camp

Hey Homies,

We are in the swing of things at C-Kruis and I could use a holiday. We started on Monday with leadership training and have been going about 15 hours a day. I am whipped after a few days. It has been the Leadersip of both teams here at the facility and the rest of the people arrive today, it is going to be crazy for real. There are going to be a ton of people with almost 80 new teammates and parents, it's going to be nuts. The teams, minus leadeship, leave tonight to get started with there Adventure Camp. Team leadership leaves tomorrow morning, which is a lot better than leaving at 11:00 tonight. We are so excited about the students showing up and the traing time that is beginnning now. Please pray for us, for strength and for endurance throught the next few months. Have a lekaar day man.



Betsy said...

i'll be praying for you guys. you're doing good work!

Jani said...

Chris & Rachel,
I know that God is with you... C# is not for sissies!!!!! I love what you guys do, remember that it is for His glory, not ours. We are praying for you!!! We were @ Passion06 last week... A FREAKEN MAZING!!!! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys - For some reason I did not have access to either of your sites (do not know what happened) but as you can tell I do now have access to this one. Anyway, I've been busy at work this week & have not yet given ya'll your Christmas present. I will make a big effort to do that either tomorrow or Friday. Sorry it's taken so long. Not much more to say. Nothing going on here. Write you soon.

Peace Always, Love Mom