Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hey All,

Since we returned from Adventure Camp things have been crazy. The past 2 days have been spent in Storytelling. Storytelling is where everyone on team gets 8 minutes to share their life story. Good times, bad time, whatever. That is your time to open up to the team and it was great. It was great to see how God has been in the life of our teammates. Also, how many have a horrible things happen in life and have not let that get them down with God and how it fuels their fire in terms of ministry. It is great to work with a ministry where it is safe to be open and exposed. After Storytelling we have been working on castings where a panel, me included, see everyone in C-Kruis and checks their drama, singing and musical abilities. It is a long process, however we are almost through and will begin casting roles in the, budifferent shows soon. Things have been great and we are loving where we are. Cheers.



Jani said...

DUDE you have no idea how much I relate to what you just wrote!! I love that ministry, & God is at work in the hearst of C# teams.
We love you guys, & pray for extra rest this weekend. Miss you, J

Stasia :) said...

Hey friends! Its your friend Stasia! I just wanted to say that I miss you guys and Ithink that it is so cool that you guys get to experience this! I miss you guys so much! And I just got this blog thing, so now I will probally post on all of your messages! Yeah!

Ill be praying for you guys!