Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A good cup of coffee.

Hey folks,

There is something that some of you may not know about me. I have a crack-head like addiction to coffee. It's not really an addiction, however it is a pure, heart felt, love. I love coffee so much for the remainder of this blog I will type the word in all caps. That's love. Well the other day I finally found a place that serves a really good cup of COFFEE. I was so giddy. They serve the COFFEE in a paper cup with lid that makes me think that I am holding a cup of Starbucks, it's not Starbucks, but close enough for South Africa. So I am trying this COFFEE on the way to the movies and decide to put the cup in my man-purse and just stroll on into the theater. I am walking between the concession stand and ticket counter when I feel a warm sensation on my butt. I look to make sure it is not the hand of a stranger and notice that my cup of COFFEE has spilled in my man-purse. This is not good. So I continue walking like nothing is happening with this bag dripping COFFEE all over the place. There is a trail behind me of brown drops all over the floor. I hand my ticket to the short older black man that takes the ticket like nothing is wrong and walk straight to the bathroom to clean up this situation. I cleaned what I could and went and enjoyed my movie, reeking of COFFEE. Not the normal COFFEE breath reek that I carry on a daily basis, this was more of a submerged in COFFEE reek that was detectable from several feet away. After the movie I went back a purchased a second cup of COFFEE that enjoyed and yes I can say I have finally found a good cup of COFFEE.



ashby said...

Glad you found some coffee. Also glad that you're such a smooth dude. Africa is totally impressed with you.

You should totally roast your own coffee beans.

Betsy said...

such a good post that i actually got my own cup of COFFEE.

Suzy said...

Geez Chris. Only you could pull that off! We miss you!