Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Which is Right?

I was looking at a South African christian magazine today called Truth. There were 2 pictures that I kept looking at that are on my mind. One was a picture of a Hillsong United worship service, with cool lighting, great sound and expensive insturments. The other was picture of a man with some sick poor children in Kenya, the kids were dirty, sickly and hardly dressed. The thing that got me was that in this magazine these 2 pictures were only pages from each other, but they are worlds apart in real life. I was thinking which of these pictures is "right"? Which of these 2 pictures is what God wants? Which of these 2 pictures most looks like Jesus? Are both of these pictures "right"? Are the people at Hillsong doing what God wants them to do and is the man in Kenya doing what God wants him to do? Just makes me think. Cheers.



Stasia :) said...

im going to Kenya :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Personally I'm all about the Kenya thing :) BUT it's gotta be all about contextualization :) What works best at reaching people for the culture that they're in and who they are trying to reach :)