Sunday, April 09, 2006


Hey everyone,

For you who didn't know. I love tattoos. I think tattooed skin is beautiful. Well, I was at the mall yesterday and when I was leaving I stopped by the tattoo shop to see if anything was going on. In the chair getting tattooed was a small young black woman probably around 30. She was working on a oriental style full sleeve on her left arm. The tattoo looked great and the woman was tough as nails because she looked so calm and relaxed. As I was standing there I realized that the arm being tattooed was badly scarred, I could tell from a section that was only outlined. It looked as if this woman had been badly burned at some time. I am glad that now this woman has something beautiful in the place of something that she probably thought was horrific looking. Just another reason I love tattoos. Cheers.


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ashby said...

Huzzah for tattoos.