Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Europe Orientation.

Yesterday we had our Europe Tour orientation meeting. We had been working so hard on the shows and it was exciting get information that we were all wanting. The band (and Rachel) will be leaving SA on the 4th of November and arriving around 1200 in London on the 5th. We will then rush like crazy people through customs and on a bus that will take us to a church where we are leading worship for the 2 night services. Its a hectic start to the tour, but we are excited. Then the whole team will be doing shows around London for 3 weeks at various venues and on the 25th of November we have our last performance in London. Then we pack up and the next morning we drive to Brussels, Belgium where we are doing worship for the evening service there. The band will be leading worship at least one time every Sunday. From Brussels we go to
Amsterdam for a performance then back to Brussels for another performance before heading back to England for our final week of performances. We end our performing on the 9th of December and Ray and I will be leaving on the 13th and arriving the next day sometime. We are excited because we are used to performing in school halls in small towns and in Europe we will be performing in nice theaters. Please be praying for our tour and for the people that we are going to meet. Also for the Stratford Theater in London where we hope to do several of our shows, they are still approving our application because we are a religious organization, they may not let us show there. We really believe God is going to do an amazing work through our tour in Europe. Please also pray for our finances, Ray and I still are in need of about $900 to cover just the fee of the tour, not including personal money. I will keep you updated with any more information. Cheers.


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