Friday, September 29, 2006

October Showers Brings November Flowers.

Ray and I have been in our house for almost a year now and we have had nothing in our back yard, except pathetic grass. It's mildly embarrassing. However, we are in business now. We came across a little extra money and decided it was time to start investing in our garden. We bought some little leafy bush things, 2 taller reddish, leafy bush things and a small palm type tree and bordered in our porch today. Then on the way home we fond a pile of bricks on the side of the road where someone had torn down a house. So we took some bricks, painted them and bordered our new flower bed with them. It was a lot of fun working on something to improve the house, on the road we don't get much chance for that. So that was our day. Hope everyone is well. Cheers.


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