Monday, September 18, 2006

Pearl Jam.

Today we were doing auditions and one of the guys didn't show up, so we had some time to kill. In that time I listened to an old Pearl Jam album, VS. While I was listening, I was telling a friend of mine that Pearl Jam was the first band that really got me loving music. I had enjoyed music all my life, but I believe it was purchasing Pearl Jam's album Ten that really began the process which made me fall head over heals in love with music. There has been a lot of other music that has inspired me, but buying that album at Turtles Music in Tallahassee, Fl has had a bigger influence in my life than I would have ever imagined. I hope you do something today that inspires you for the rest of your life. Cheers.


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SouthAsiaRocks said...

Turtles Music!! I loved that place!! I loved getting those $5 Turtles coins (gift certificate thing) - I thought they were soo cool!! Ahhh... memories :)