Friday, September 29, 2006

First "Church" Meeting.

Flaps, the CEO of C-Kruis, has been wanting to start a church for the past few years, but it just wasn't the right time. Well, we had a meeting to discuss it several weeks ago and the time is right now. So last night we had our first "church" meeting. What Flaps was wanting was more of a time where people could get together and meet other people. So for our first meeting we had a cheese and wine night with a short sermon. The night was great. There were probably about 35 people and we all mingled and had bread, cheese and wine and talked and met new people. This went on for about an hour maybe longer, then we all went out side and Flaps gave a message and then we were done. It was so refreshing. I am really excited about our "Church" and who may end up coming and what God may do through His people getting together and spending time together. Please pray for our little "church" that our lives will be changed. Cheers.


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Betsy said...

i wish i knew somebody named Flaps.