Monday, March 24, 2008

Bad Blogger.

Hey guys, sorry for being a poor blogger of later. I don't have a good excuse like I was make a special appearance on Mythbusters or climbing Everest, I've just been lazy.

So since its been a while I will give you a run down of last week. Sounds boring, but what the heck?


Ray took Damar to the vet because her eyes were all swollen and nasty. The vet didn't know what it was, but gave us some eye drops, antibiotics and said we'll see what happens. I have to take her back tomorrow morning for a checkup. The worse part was she has to wear a cone this week and she bumps it on everything. At first it was like, "Awww, thats so cute and sad", now its like "Damar, stop freakin'running into everything, gosh!" not so cute, I just hope she is fine and I can take the satellite dish off of her neck, the thing is huge.


We, UCYC, hosted a conference for other camp ministries on Tuesday and Wednesday. So Tuesday was sessions and seminars. I went to a seminar by a guy about making videos. It was good. I am getting move involved with that aspect of our ministry so that was good for me.


We had a last session in the morning and the nobody was available to play djembe so they asked me and it was great. I miss playing live music so much. I think I am going to try to get involved with our worship team at our church. We'll see how that goes.

I recieved a call from Chris-Jake.

Wednesday afternoon I was invited to go mountain biking with Greg, our director and a couple of people that came to the conference. We had a blast, the addiction is growing.

Then that night Ray and I went on a date with the Coynes, David and Lori, it was a lot of fun.


Thursday was pretty low key, I worked on learning some of our video software in the office.

Ray baby sits on Thursday night so I hung out with her a bit at the Herrington's house. We splurged and had Grilled Stuffed Burritos from Taco Bell, Mmmmmm fancy.


The day started with a bike ride before work with OB-K (Obese Kris [BMI isn't good for him either]) and Tye. It was 27 degrees when we left the house and I was freezing for the first 15 minutes or so, my legs were bright red. It was so cold that my water froze in my Camelback hose, a first for me. We had a great time. The addiction is growing faster.


Ray and I hung out a bit. We ran to the bank to add me to our new Wells Fargo account, since she works there now we get good rates on stuff. Then we hit the mall for a little shoe shopping, Rays all corporate now and needs nice clothes and shoes.

After we got home I went on a bike ride with our neighbor Mike. It was a good ride, its mostly downhill so not too bad on my already worn out legs. The addiction is fully there now.

After I got back from the ride we went to the Herrington's for supper. Chris grilled pork ribs and they were so freaking good.


Today we went to our Easter service at church. The church we go to has several services so they rent out the arena here in town (where the hockey games are) for Easter. I always thought thats strange, but today I liked it. I mean its the only time all year that everyone from the church are at a service together, pretty cool.

After church we went to Greg's house for a big Easter lunch and egg hunt for the kids, it was super cute. It was a good week. Cheers.



The Anonymous Human said...

You forgot to mention your other highlight on Wednesday: getting a phone call from ME!

CoyneMom said...

You also forgot to mention our super cool fun date on Wednesday....gosh!!!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to...oh, i don't know.

great to have you back!

Flaps said...

Hey I miss u man!