Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trip to the Valley.

Ray and I went to Phoenix today to take Alycia to the airport. Alycia is our friend from SA that stayed in our home and watched the dogs when we were on tour and we had a great time hanging out. She is moving to Amsterdam on May 1st so we won't get to see her for a long time.

On the way back up to Prescott, seriously UP, from PHX to Prescott is all up hill several thousand feet. Any who, Ray and I listened to some old CDs that I hadn't listened to in years and they it dawned on me that they were CDs I had a decade ago when I was a freshman at Florida Christian College. We were rockin' out to Blink 182's "Dude Ranch" and Five Iron Frenzy's "Our Newest Album Ever". It was a wonderful stroll down memory lane. I miss ska.

While I was listening to these CD's I started thinking a bit about where I am in my life and how much I have had the opportunity to do since graduating high school. If someone had told me what the next decade held I wouldn't have believed them. It's been a blast and I can't wait to see what happens over the next decade. Cheers.


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Dan & Tammy said...

How are you my friend? Hope you are enjoying live in AZ! Talk to you soon.