Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day Worth Blogging.

Hey guys,

Some things happened today that were blog worthy, here we go.

1. This morning I was cleaning up some stuff in the living room and when I went to scoop up the pair of shoes, the fingers on my right hand scraped against the ground and I got a splinter between my finger and finger nail on my ring finger. It hurt so freaking bad!!!! We'll lets say it still hurts, because its still in there. Sucks.

2. I got to create music for a promo video today for our winter camp next year. It was so much fun making music again.

3. The weather has been great here. The high today was 68 and the top is off the Jeep, life is good.

4. Our friend Alycia is here to visit for about a week and a half. We worked with her in SA and she was the women who lived in our house when we were on tour and watched the dogs. Guinness loves her the way she loves us and went freaking nuts when Alycia walked through the door. It was awesome. I am stoked she's here.
Good day. Cheers.


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The Anonymous Human said...

DUDE!! When I was 8 years old, we had that old wood paneling in our house. I ran my finger down the groove of one of those and got an inch long splinter between my finger and fingernail. It hurt so bad I still remember it. I feel for you bro.

Oh, and I'm WAY jealous of a jeep with the top off!