Friday, January 18, 2008


I am officially an American again and it feels might good. Me and my buddy Kris Mengarelli (who happens to be one of the toughest people on earth [and taught me to make fried ravioli]) ran a few errands tonight and now I am a card carrying member to my local video rental establishment and I am also a member at my local YMCA I have to get back in shape. I have one concern though. The pool at the YMCA has a waterside and high dive. Its going to take a lot of self control to swim laps and not ride the slide for an hour in my spandex shorts and dark tinted goggles. Weeeeeeee.......Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Then, to top of my America transformation, after supper Ray (who happens to be one of the top 74 toughest women I know) made a batch of awesome chocolate chip cookies (How American is that to go sign up at a health club, then drive home and eat cookies).

So I am an American again, but it all stops tomorrow, because I will be back in the gym. I can't wait. I mean I have become very emotionally attached to this new fat I have picked up since being back in the States, but some relationships are not healthy and its time to call it quits. Good bye new fat, please leave because I miss hanging out with the old fat that you are covering. Cheers.


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