Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter Camp and Gym.

Winter Camp

We are in the midst of our winter camp for this year and things are going really well. We have normal camp things going down, like main sessions and eating food and group time and a girl burning her pillow on the wood-burning stove in the cabins etc, but today we also did a community clean up project. We are wanting to teach the teenagers about being good neighbors and loving those around them so today we took over 200 students into the neighborhood by our facility to work in peoples yard. The students raked yards and hauled trash and cleaned gutters etc. I think it was cool and the reaction from the neighborhood seems good as well. I think some of the teenagers learned a lot about serving during this experience.


This morning I hit the gym and when I was heading back into the locker room I noticed the basketball courts. So I popped in just to shoot a few baskets because I am in desperate need of American sports after the long time with nothing but rugby and cricket (both of which I like now and think are great sports, Flaps don't write a nasty comment) and a crazy thing happened. I was AWESOME!!!! I mean, I suck at basketball, I have never been considered a "baller" and/or a "shot caller", but today I freaking rocked. I was hitting free throws like I had been practicing everyday for a decade and knocking down jumpers from all over the court. It may have been the best I have ever been on the court.

So I was thinking creatively about how to blog about my near perfect experience on the basketball court and I had the idea to morph a picture of my face on a pic of Jordan's body, because that would be cool, but things didn't work like I had hoped. So here are the 2 pics I tried to morph.

Jordan triumphantly "bringing the noise" in front of thousands of awestruck fans.

Here is a pic of me screaming at a chicken that a family in Cape Town
had as a pet and let run around their house.

The problem was, when I did this in Photoshop my result didn't look like me at all on Jordan's body. I am not sure what it looks like, but its a bit creepy in my opinion.I can't point out exactly whats wrong with it, but somethings just not right.



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