Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We Have Phones and Hockey.

Ray and I went to the mall and got celly(s) today, thats "cell phones" for you in the midwest. Ray got a smooth little sexy phone and I got a wide bulky business phone. Its nice being able to speak one the phone again, I guess, called 2 friends and didn't reach either, oh well.

On a much more cooler note that purchasing our celly(s), we got invited to semi-pro hockey game (or match [or whatever]). We saw the Arizona Sundogs take on the New Mexico Scorpions. We had awesome seats right on the glass, its was great. I haven't watched hockey in about a decade, but man I can get stoked about any kind of competition. There were a couple of fights, which is always nice, and we (the Arizona Sundogs) won 9-4.

We are hoping to paint the inside our our house tomorrow, that will be nice and make the place feel more homey. Cheers.



Anonymous said...

Ohhh Thats nice.
I want to do that when I come to visit...So what is your celly(s) no?
Do you still have my details.
Miss you guys ALOT!

Derek Sweatman said...

sorry to ask you this through a comment, but i don't have your email address. how do you make those nice banners at the top of your blog? i have no idea how to do that!!!

derek sweatman

Derek Sweatman said...

okay, so i just saw your email address right underneath your profile picture. forgive me, i'm and idiot.