Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trip To Pheonix.

Ray and I drove to Phoenix today for a little Ikea shopping trip. For you who don't know, Rachel (my wife) and I just moved from South Africa to Prescott, AZ to work with a camp called UCYC. We arrived on Monday evening with our 2 great danes and a 5x8 U-haul trailer containing pretty much everything we own. So we have been saving and budgeting to get furniture when we got to Arizona. So today we went and stocked up. We were given a couch and a recliner for the living room (both are awesome) so we could get a few extra things that we were wanting, but didn't know if we could afford.

We got a new coffee table, bedside tables, rug, sofa table, dressers, silverware, down comforter, coat and shoe rack. It was awesome. We have not had nice furniture our entire married life and it was great getting to go pick out some stuff that we wanted and be able to decorate our home the way we want to. Fun.

We got one more thing that I am super stoked about. I got a new chair for the bedroom. WOOHOO!!!!! For you who don't know, I (we) had a chair in South Africa in our bedroom that was my favorite place on earth. It was a big leather chair and I would blog and read and pretty much live in that chair when we weren't on tour. So now I have a new chair. I got a Poang chair from Ikea. Its not a cushy chair, but its mad comfy and has better back support than the African chair. I plan on chilling out here before bed every night....of my life.

Here's my new best friend.

So thats about all. We are loving being here in AZ, its only been 2 days, but we feel so at home and everyone here at the camp has been so nice and helpful, I look forward to being a part of this team. Cheers.



SouthAsiaRocks said...

Awesome! We definitely need to see some pics! I wanna see what your house looks like and all your new furniture! Seem sl ike an awesome job! I can't wait to hear all about it :) whoo hoo!

The Anonymous Human said...

Jared Fogle huh? Didn't see that one coming...