Monday, January 14, 2008

On the Road Again and Again.

We had a long day of driving today. We left the ATL at 5:20 this morning and got to Canute, OK to stay at a KOA camp ground in a "Kabin" which is little more than a wooden shed with a double bed and a bunk bed. It was the cheapest option for us because of the dogs. However, the guy "forgot" to tell me that the bathroom is closed. Thats not nice. I hope to get a refund on staying here, I wasn't very excited about paying money for a place with no bathroom besides the fact that I am going to my new home/job tomorrow and I will not have a chance to take a shower before arriving. I am getting more upset the more I type so I will change the subject.

BP coffee sucks.

The dogs were great in the Jeep today. I was a bit nervous that they would get kind of crazy in the back, but they pretty much just slept. Guinness rode most of the day with her head up between Ray and me. She actually was awake for most of the ride, she loves riding in a vehicle and watching where we are going. Damar slept the whole time, but thats what she always does anyways.

I am off to bed. We drove a little over 15 hours today and tomorrow will hopefully be around 12. We are planning on getting up really early so we can try to make it to Prescott while it is still light out. However, without a shower maybe we should arrive after dark so my new coworkers/neighbors wont see how greasy I am. Cheers.


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Christie said...

Welcome back to the States you guys. Hope you settle in well out West. Much love.