Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mmmmm Strawberries.

I got a Facebook friend invite from a guy I went to JBC with and it reminded me of an awesome moment that I cherish in my heart.

It was my senior year, 2001, and one of my professors had organized a ski trip to Sugar Mountain, North Carolina. So, we woke up around 4:30 am to leave at 5 and I grabbed a quick bowl of strawberry oatmeal before we left.

We drove the few hours to NC and as we arrived Lucas and I were standing outside the van in the cold, grey light of morning waiting for everyone to unload skis and such from the van. While we were standing there glassy eyed and tired from the trip I farted. He glanced over at me with an understanding little nod and after about 15 seconds we both realized that my fart smelled jsut like sweet strawberries. Seriously, just like the ones that I ate in my oatmeal.

It defied everything that I had learned pertaining to science, logic and faith. However, it made me smile and it changed my life. It gave me hope that in all bad situations greatness can rise from it. I have been longing for a sweet, yummy smelling fart every day since. It has not returned. Cheers.



Dan and Tammy said...

Let me start by saying...anything gas related makes me laugh! In our house when someone farts, we all look at each other and chuckle!
Second I will say, you make me laugh! I love reading your witty posts! Thanks for a good story and thus a good laugh. and to add to it, it was a story about gas!! :)

Love Ya, tell Rachel I said hi!!

Dustin said...

dude no one believes me but i have also had a few good smelling flatulent experiences

juicy fruit gum
freshly cut grass

just to name a few. thank you for making me feel not alone.