Friday, March 27, 2009

You Would Like to Eat What? My Eyes?

A couple of weeks ago we had a program "adventure" week for some 6Th graders and one of the days we had a guy come talk who was a 'birds of prey' expert.

He brought this huge owl and the whole time he was teaching the kids about birds of prey I swore this thing was going to attack his face. I mean this bird had the beak of a samurai sword and the eyes of Satan. You could see into its deep dark soul and tell that it had only ill intentions. Satan or not, nobody died, however I am sure that's only because we all were extremely lucky.

Here is "Satan With Wings" doing his best imitation of Lord Voldemort. Evil bird.

See, looks just like him......except with feathers.

A bunch of people took pics with this widow maker and I was the only one it stared down. I almost punched it in the face.


Suzy said...

You are so crazy... I mean it. You're crazy.

Garasha said...

Oh man, you are cracking me up!