Friday, March 06, 2009

We'll Just Have a Testing Party.

I had the day off today so I drove Ray to work so I could clean out the Jeep. I love riding with her to work when I have time off, I wish I could do it every day. A little small piece of me misses commuting, because its the best time to drink coffee and listen to talk radio.

On my way home I dropped in to Goodwill to see if there were any must haves. There was a massive wood carving that was hard to pass up. And they had a old orange crash helmet that I wanted soooooooooooo badly, but it wasn't in the budget for this month (Thanks Dave Ramsey, you kept me from buying something I didn't need, I love you).

While looking at old Walkmans and popcorn poppers, I noticed there are things at GW I would never purchase used.

1. Under Pants. Gross.

2. Sandals. I can't imagine wearing sandals with no socks knowing someone else did too. Can't do it.

3. Jogging Shorts. All that sweaty undercarriage action makes me want to throw up.

4 Diabetes tester. I saw this on the shelf, the thing where you prick your finger and it reads it. Even in Africa people know to not share that device. Please reader of this blog, get a new diabetes finger prick tester thing if you need one. If you can't afford a new one call me and we'll find you someone that can. Cheers.


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