Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wall Day.

Here I am hanging from the wall on my repel device removing the hand holds. No, thats not a poop bucket like they use in parades.

Here I am using a ladder to get a couple of the holds we missed, you can see in the picture, but this ladder felt so janky that I thought I was going to fall the whole time, but I survived.

Jenn, Kris and I worked on the wall today and had a great time doing it.

This morning Jenn and I repelled down and removed all the hand holds from both climbing surfaces. To do this you have to repel down and them wrap the rope around your legs in a certain way to lock off the figure 8 device. I have to admit the first time I locked myself off like this I was so freaked that I had done something wrong, but I did it right and did not die.

This afternoon we had to spray stain on the wood surface to weatherproof it. To do this you climb up again and we had someone belay us off the top and Kris and I used a spray gun to spray the stain on the wall. It was actually a cool day working in a harness, hanging above the earth.

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Jana said...

You're looking GOOD Chris! I can see some new muscles there! This camp is a great fit for you with the way you love the outdoors! I seem to get the feeling that you are beginning to enjoy your job a bit more. That's good! :)
Hey, when I come this summer, can EYE repel down the wall? LOL! :)