Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Transformation is Complete.

Camp men have trucks.

Especially the guys I work with, they are all from the midwest and they have trucks. I did't fit in because I grew up in Florida and have a Jeep (which is close, but just not 'rednecky' enough). However, I am happy to say that today I completed my transformation by purchasing a 1988 Chevy 4x4 from a local drywall company.

My new 'big ass' truck comes with a decrotive layer of drywall dust blanketing the dash and a dust mask in the glove box in case there is another SARs scare.

Its also the first time Ray and I have had 2 vehicles since about a month after we got married, boy are we fancy now.

Oh, how sweet it is.

Don't I look manly?



Kris Mengarelli said...

It is a beautiful thing my friend...but redneckism can't be bought...comes from the have my respect...your arm isn't broken so you are a tough guy in my book.

Tim said...

Nice, now all you need is a roll bar with some KC lights. I'm jealous. Life is hard without my truck, but trucks and living in NYC just don't go well together...

Jana said...

You ARE the man! Wow! That does NOT look like a 21 year old vehicle! AWESOME! How many miles on it?
I agree with Tim, you just need the roll bar and lights. OH! Don't forget the gun rack! :D

SouthAsiaRocks said...