Friday, April 13, 2007


Our Thursday night show this year is called Gijima (run or chase in Zulu), its about chasing after life and how our choices determine our destination. It is multicultural, just like South Africa and we are hoping to have a multicultural audience for the shows.

Most of the churches that book us are white Afrikaans churches so to get our Thursday night audience to be multicultural we are going to rent a bus or 2 and get high school students from the closest township and bring them to the show. Please pray for us that this goes well. With the problem of racism being very strong, I am praying this goes smoothly without opposition from the churches. It's going to be a big stretch for some of the people here.

I love the picture though. Imagine a show about South Africa, with all its diversity, followed by a time of worship where the auditorium will be full of white and black people praising the same Creator. I love it, it makes me smile. It may be the first time a particular church has had non white people worshiping within their walls. Beautiful. Cheers.


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