Sunday, April 08, 2007

Holiday is Over.

Rach and I just got back from our planning meeting for the rest of training. Each day is full of rehearsals and voice over recordings and other tasks until we go on tour April 29th. Its going to be hectic, but the teams will make it. I am looking forward to tour. The first few weeks are crazy, but after that its pretty smooth sailing.

It was a nice relaxing holiday. We watched the 1st season of House (a tv show) and about half of season 3 of Grey's Anatomy (another tv show for you who live in Siberia and have never heard of this series). Grey's Anatomy has great music, its worth watching to hear the music.

Our next little break will be in June and Ray and I will be in the States (hopefully). If any of you know someone who can get discounted airline tickets or buddy passes or owns a boat we can take or some other form of affordable transportation please let us know. I keep staring at the amount we need to pay for the tickets and it doesn't seem to be shrinking. Cheers.


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myn said...


you just have to go see this movie, if you hanven't already! my guess is you'll love it...