Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter.

Today began with an easter egg hunt that Rach organized. She made paper eggs, wrote clues for me and Gio (a girl from team that is staying at our house this week) and sent us on a hunt for our "prize". It was fun.

One of Rachel's clues was a word scramble. I will put the letters up here with the clue I got and the first to get it wins a special African prize.

Clue: 3 words
Letters: lnblcbonniehgjelseo

Today is also the last day of our holiday. It ends tonight with a production/schedule meeting for the last 3 weeks of training which includes the highly feared week of dress rehearsals. Then I start back with my 0630 tour leader meeting tomorrow. I hate the end of holiday. Enjoy your easter. Cheers.