Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Vehicles.

We purchased new tour vehicles this year, we are super excited about them. They are Toyota Quantum's and have our new 13thFLOOR logo on the side. I will get a picture of ours with the logo when I can.

Ray and I are going to be touring in the Corolla, but we don't get a nifty logo on the side of our car. Oh well. Cheers.



Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to the Baby Boy, Happy Birthday to the Baby Boy, Happy Birthday to Christopher Brian Holohan, Happy Birthday to YOU, To YOU, To YOU- As you can tell, I was not able to get to the place to send you a birthday card. Hopefully when you are here you can help get my computer stuff right. That's all for now. Peace Always, Love Mom :.)

The Anonymous Human said...

um...happy birthday.

You new car looks like a mini-van from the future.

the end.