Friday, April 06, 2007

Mr. Fix It.

There are times in a man's life when he feels more like a man. 1)When he can grow a proper mustache 2)When he holds a woman (not a relative) in his arms 3)When he fixes a household appliance for his wife (soon beansy, soon). Well, today I feel like a man.

Our LG WD-10160FU (washing machine) has been not working properly for a while and I called to have a repair man come fix it, but I would have to wait till Tuesday because of the holiday weekend.

So I stared down the LG WD-10160FU and said in a slow rugged voice, "son,(pause) looks like it's time to dance". It would have been more dramatic if I had a cigar in my mouth, but I did't, I did have coffee though which is tough-ish. anyways, so I did a little research on the "net" and found out the problem with my machine. Then I took care of the problem and now my LG WD-10160FU is in perfect working order. Your welcome Ray Ray.

The thing that makes me feel less like a man and more like stupid moron is that the machine wasn't broken at all. Apparently.....the child lock became activated and that was why it didn't work. However, I did press the 2 buttons (at the same time) to disengage the child lock, so technically it works because of me and my research, so the technically I fixed the machine, so technically I am still a man. That was a close one. Cheers.



Anonymous said...

Dude - You would have really felt non-manish if the repairman had come and pushe two buttons. Sorry I haven't replied to your e-mails yet...busy times. So I will...I will.

Brian said...

You had to push both buttons AT THE SAME TIME??? Someday, I hope to be as handy as you.

Flaps said...

You should try 'imaginary fixing'. that is where you state the 'whatever you decide on' is broken. Then twiddle around with it an declare that you've fixed it. With this strategy you can fix something every week and get MUCH attention from your lady.