Monday, December 03, 2007

Final Results and Pictures.

Here are the final results from the race yesterday:

600m Swim: 18:36
20k Bike (including both transition times): 48:05
5k Run: 32:08

Total time: 1:38:50

Here are some pics from yesterday for your enjoyment.

Here I am setting up my transition area. Notice the towel over my red bike, I stole the idea from the guy to the right of me. I have no idea why we did that, but since I had no idea what I was doing, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Doesn't this look terrifying. I am in the circle, its hard to see, but i have the red swim cap and I am about to punch the man in the orange swim cap in the head.
This was at the start before I freaked out.

Here I am exiting the swim, happy that I didn't drown. However, I don't look very happy.
In T1. Getting ready for the bike leg of the race.

Running off for the bike section.

Coming in after a good bike ride. The camera couldn't truly capture the fact that I was riding 240 miles per hour at this point.

Here I am finishing up the run. I totally blew by this middle aged woman!

And finally here I am after crossing the finish line. I was so happy, I couldn't believe I just did a triathlon. I felt awesome.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

CONGRATS! Looks like fun! Although that swiming part does look quite terrifying... that's a lot of kicking arms and legs all around you! Looks like fun!
Oh, and I love that your bike even has red tires! Very cool! :)

chad. said...

DUDE! CONGRATULATIONS! I loved your step-by-step commentary.

Question: The blue shirt you are wearing in these that one of the under armor shirts that we got in Carbondale? If so...that makes me happy.

Derek Sweatman said...

Beautiful job my friend! It's been fun following your story.

Derek Sweatman

Jana said...

Way to go, Chris!!
I am SO PROUD of you! I would have died after two minutes!
I can't wait to get HOME so I can SEE the pictures! They must be REALLY offensive, cause the Saudi government is BLOCKING them! Oh, well, 9 more days and I can see you in your spandex!
Love you!

Pieter said...

'baie geluk vriend" i'm proud of you. so what is next - iron man? keep on training.

Alycia Lee said...

You made it! I am so proud! Wish I were there to cheer you on. Thanks for the tip about the spandex and the guys. I will overt my eyes!

The Anonymous Human said...

Las Vegas Marathon next year?

Anonymous said...

love your comments!