Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here is our to do list that I copied and pasted from Word. The check marks are complete the bullet points still need to be done (some things we can't do until we get to the US). This is what we have been doing in preparation of returning home. Cheers. It started as a short list of things and then we began adding as needed. On Word it is color coded, but that didn't transfer in the pasting. And as much as I love the readers of my little blog, I am not going to spend the next hour color coding this list for you. Love you. Cheers


✔ Call Chris’ Family
✔ Email newsletter
✔ Email Frank a moving budget
✔ Email Coyne about moving allowance
✔ Decide on Petwings by 17th September
✔ Decide on plane tickets
✔ Ask Suzy to research moving truck costs
✔ Email WOM about “relocation fund”
✔ Speak to mari’s dad
✔ Figure out how to sell our house
✔ Get car cleaned and detailed
✔ Find out if we should sell car to person or dealership
✔ Speak to Liandi about house
✔ Find dog sitter for last tour cycle (Christiaan)
✔ Find out if health insurance carry-over is necessary
✔ Pack & Ship boxes
✔ Sell furniture & clothes
✔ Email Clark’s 20th September for inventory of furniture
✔ Call vet about rabies vaccination and health certificates
✔ Electric Bill!!!!
✔ Compare prices of post to air freight
✔ Get boxes & packing supplies
✔ Figure out where to ship things (az, atl, where in atl?)
✔ Get vacuum from Annette
✔ Taxes
✔ Clean office
✔ Call appraiser
✔ Get a condor for Nov and Dec
✔ Get reimbursement for plane tickets from UCYC
✔ Find a place for the dogs to stay 1st week in Jan
✔ Make a schedule for our arrival in America
✔ Write and email newsletter
✔ Set date for garage sale and invite people
✔ Talk to Pieter’s guy about fixing dents on car
✔ Find out extent of Tertius’ interest on house
✔ Call Johann & ask how soon couple would move in/buy
✔ Email prices to Liandi
✔ Ask Alycia about coffee table
✔ Price blinds and sms to Elsabe along with our banking details
✔ Get Euydia’s email and write her about chair
✔ Make estimated budget for next year including house
✔ Speak to Gideon about south africans taking some of our stuff
✔ Get Gio’s email and write her about keeping our stuff at office
✔ Fix table and chairs
✔ Decide on furniture and email Clark’s
✔ Call vet about health certificates
✔ Call petwings about final details
✔ Call Tertius about couches
✔ Put washing machine and couches in junk mail
✔ Call Elaine about selling house – whatever it takes!
✔ Call JOJO about cell phone
✔ Find an additional signer for our bank account here (Pauli?)
✔ Sms Schalk about getting together to discuss house
✔ Finalize date for dog’s flight and inform petwings
✔ Pay petwings
✔ Pack pictures
✔ Call Hennie about condor
✔ Email Warren about down comforter and pillows
✔ Call Jacques and Vilene
✔ Find out all info about cell phone contract
✔ Figure out what bills will overlap in Jan and maybe Feb
✔ Email Yanee about washing machine and extra stuff (plates, etc)
✔ Find out when mum is in US. Have her check storage 4 us?
✔ Talk to Hennie about car stuff so we can get the money
✔ Call Petwings about arrival time of dogs in DC
• Buy a car
✔ Email Chad and ask what kind of sweets Rachel likes (chocolates)
✔ Send newsletter TODAY
✔ Get new contacts
✔ Register for Triathlon
✔ Email David about furniture and health insurance
✔ Pick up Condor
✔ Email Euydia about Floorie not responding
✔ Find someone to take over cell phone contract (Marisa/Yanee?)
✔ Cancel Heath insurance
✔ Cancel Car insurance
✔ Fill out pet wings forms
✔ Fax copy of Chris’ passport to mccarthy
✔ Call Postnet
✔ Fix Futon Bed Frame Base.
✔ Put TV in Junk Mail
✔ Call SAA about exit row seats on the 26th
✔ Get missionary letter for plane tickets from 13th Floor
✔ Deposit R220 into Alycia’s account
✔ Call Gouws Attorneys and set appt
✔ Call Elaine about time for lawyer appt
✔ Call Sckalk about time for lawyer appt
✔ Cancel Electricity
✔ Talk to people we know about selling house for special price
✔ Speak to the bank about everything
✔ Call Toyota to check on payment clearing
✔ Call Leon about washing machine
✔ Set up online banking for Pauli (levy)
✔ Fax letter of notice to Home loans
✔ Email Laura about buying the bed
✔ Email Suzy about $500 deposit and Brandon’s money.
✔ Get details on how to wire money from US to SA
✔ Have Suzy get swift code from Bank of A
✔ Cancel Multiply
✔ Cancel McCarthy Club
✔ Figure out amount to wire to US
✔ Email Josh Tillman about house money and taxes
✔ Find Martin and Jani
✔ Give notice to WOM?
✔ Call Erna about how to properly socialize Guinness
✔ Call Liandi about furniture payment and house
✔ Call Elsabe about furniture payment and house?
• Email pictures (Chris)
• New Car Insurance
✔ Transfer name of cell phone contract
✔ Make final decision on how to sell house once gone
✔ Sort who gets what keys
✔ File and organize all paper work
• Return Therapy Files and keys
✔ Arrange with Annette a day to return vacuum and dishes
✔ Find someone to take condor from airport
• Wash condor
• Contact Warren about pick up and payment
✔ Set up date for dogs’ health certificates
• Wash dogs
• Call Petwings about herbal supplement and bringing dog food/bed
• Arrange for Schalk and Elaine to meet
✔ Call Iska and arrange date and time to bring Jani’s stuff
✔ Call Piet de wet about monitors
• Make cd of house pictures to give to Elaine
✔ Fill holes in walls and repaint
• Make CDs for trips
• Defrost and clean fridge (Sat morning)
• Final cleaning of house
• Elaine-cd, meet w/ Schalk, who has keys,
• Johan-give set of keys, lawyers/Schalk, email address,
• Schalk-keys (business cards), other agents, his agent
• Weigh luggage at gym
• Clear phone (contacts, pictures, messages, etc.)

I am sure more will be added before Monday.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

WOW! THat's a serious to-do list! whoa!

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