Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vet Visit.

We took the girls to the vet today for their final medical health form thing that they need to immigrate to America. When we first arrived there were a few people in from of us in line so we waited in the little waiting area. Our vet works out of his home so the waiting area is no more than a couple of benches, a small counter and a rack with rubber bones and dog food. There was a mastiff waiting outside in the car port and a few other families waiting outside the wall by the street with their animals.

As we waited we could hear the couple that had taken their fox terrier in the examination room. As we learned later, the woman, with the fox terrier, goes on and on with her friends about how unsafe it is to feed dogs bones because it can damage their insides. Well, yesterday, for the first time ever, she gave her dog a bone and the bone got lodged in the dog's throat and cut its esophagus and the dog was in a real bad shape. So they brought the dog in, hoping there was something that could be done, but there wasn't. The surgery would have been thousands of Rands and probably wouldn't have worked anyway, so they had to put the dog down.

We knew none of this at the time, but we could hear the woman crying and crying and figured they were putting their dog to sleep. It was one of the saddest things I have ever experienced. I felt so sorry for this lady. They took some time with the vet then left the vets carrying the dead fox terrier in a black bag to bury at their home.

Pets become such a part of the family. I am glad I have never had to experience a pet dying before, I know it will be a hard day when our dogs die. I am not the most emotional man, but even thinking of makes my heart ache. I know my mom had a rough time when her cat, that she had since I was a kid, died a few years ago.

On a happier note, the girls passed their final evaluation. Guinness weighed in at a lean 39kgs (86 lbs) and Damar tip the scales at a heftier 44.5kgs (99 lbs). We will take them to the kennel on Monday before we fly out. They will stay there a few days and leave on the Thursday. They are so confused right now with all the packing and what not and I hate that I can't let them know what is happening. This is going to be a really stressful week for the wee pups.

Hope you are all well. Cheers.


Its so hot at night and there is no breeze coming in our bedroom window that even Rachel is looking for some relief in the form of a nice American winter. For you who don't know Ray very well, she HATES winter and HATES being cold. Just wanted to share.

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