Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friends and Furniture.


When we toured in America with Traveling Mercies we became good friends with a couple of South Africans named Jani and Martin. They were living in Missouri and Jani worked with CIY and Martin was leading worship at a church out there.

They had spent the last 3 years in the States without coming back to SA to visit because they had applied for their green cards. Well, because of a back up with immigration their visas ran out before they could get citizenship so they had to move back to SA. Its really sad for me because I know there are tons of people daily trying to become citizens, but Martin and Jani would have been a blessing to their community in America. I would be proud to have them as Americans, maybe one day.

So we got to hang out with them the other day for a few hours and had a wonderful time, I have really missed them. It will be the only chance to hang out before we leave, but was time well spent.


More furniture has left our house today. A guy we work with came and collected our lounge suite that he purchased from us. We love our couches, they are great. But, more than our couches I will forever miss my chair.

here I am enjoying my last moments with my chair
before she was taken from me for eternity.

This Chair has been in our bedroom and has become my place of refuge when not on the road or taking a break from the long days on training at the beginning of the year. I have read books and emails, written blogs and songs, watched movies and photoshopped pictures in this chair. It has been replaced, for our last days, by a folding camping chair. At lease now I have cup holders. I guess all this means is that when we finally arrive in AZ it's time to find a new chair. Cheers.


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SouthAsiaRocks said...

Dude! That first picture is so cool - it looks like a pic out of a magazine or advertisement - haha fun :)
Sorry about your chair :( - but here's to hoping for a new stinkin' awesome chair in your new home :)
Keep rockin!