Monday, November 06, 2006

First Full Day.

Hey Guys,

We had nothing to do today so Rachel and I woke up late. I awoke sick, but after throwing up I felt much better. My luggage is still not here so we went on a mission to find me a little bit of clothing. We found a couple of shops that had great deals so I got 2 t-shirt for £1 each (less that $4 total), one that says something about Italian soccer and another classy one that says Hawaii Copacabana. The deal of the day was the pair of Levis 501's that Rach found misplaced on the sale rack that were supposed to be £56 ($106) that we got for £8 ($15.20). I also found 2 pairs of boxers briefs thrown in a bin that the guy let us buy for £.75 ($1.35), I hope they didn't belong to anyone, they looked clean and anything is an improvement from my friend Piet's silky boxers that are a size too small (silky doesn't stretch, I could barely bend over). Tomorrow is another nothing day for us so we are going to see the lighting on the Christmas lights on Regent Street. Will try to get photos up. Cheers.


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