Monday, November 20, 2006

Night Out.

Rachel and I are hanging out with our friends Flaps and Amanda at their friends house near London Bridge, it is a beautiful area. Rachel cooked us all supper and we are going to be just hang out tonight.

Rach and I moved host families for this week and we are staying in a home that doesn't have internet so I will not be able to blog much. I will try to get updates out when possible. Cheers.



Anonymous said...

Chris and Rach!!! Give a hug to Flaps and Amanda for me, PLEASE!!! Hope you guys are planning a MONSTER Thanksgiving Dinner in the UK... Love you guys

Suzy said...

Hey there Christina Briana... I posted this really funny picture of you on my blog today. It is called Wordless Wednesday - The Gun Show. I think you'll like it. (At least Rachel will!)