Friday, November 03, 2006

I Like My Chair.

Ray and I have a chair in our bedroom. Its the chair that came in our second hand living room suite we bought last year when we moved in our house. Its a tannish color chair and isn't the most comfy thing in the world, but its mine and thats good enough for me.

Right now Ray is getting ready for the end of the year dine. Guinness is sitting on the futon mattress by our bedroom door, watching Rachel run around getting ready for the dine. And I am happily sitting in my chair in the corner of the bedroom with my feet propped up on the bed thinking, "I like my chair".

On tour I adapt very well to my surroundings. It doesn't bother me to stay at our host families homes and relax in their living room and sit in their chairs, but it's not mine. I don't even think about my chair when we are on tour, but when we get home the wonderful memories all come flooding back and its the first place my butt finds rest from the road.

So thats my chair. I'm still sitting in it now, if you were wondering, with my feet propped on the bed. Rachel is somewhere else in the house doing something else and Guinness has followed her. There is a lot I could be doing now. Getting ready for the dine tonight or packing for our trip to London tomorrow. But I think I will sit here a little longer and enjoy my home while I am still here. Cheers.


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