Saturday, November 04, 2006

Leaving Today.

We are leaving this afternoon for London. The band plus Piet, the sound guy, and Rachel, my wife, are leaving today. We fly our to Jo'burg at 2:15 this afternoon and arrive sometime Sunday in the UK. We then rush to a church where we are leading worship at the evening service. I think that we are going to be dead tired, but oh well. I am going to be getting a SIM card for my cell phone when I get there. I will post the number when I get it.

For the trip I wanted to get a new hiking backpack. There are some good deals here where a great pack cost about $150. It's a lot of money, but will last. However due to there being no extra money for a new backpack, I got a old South Africa army backpack from 1984. It's not that nice, but it will do the trick. The other thing that made it a great offer was that it was 20 Rand. That comes out to a little less than $3. It ain't pretty, but holds stuff and thats the point.

Please pray for our trip and that there are now problems with customs. Can't wait to get there. Cheers.


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