Sunday, November 26, 2006


Today we worked with a church called The Well and they are 4 smaller groups that meet in separate places and once a month they have a large gathering for worship and teaching. C-Kruis did the worship and a dance during the gathering. We met on the top floor of a 4 story brewery/restaurant right on the Grande Place (pictured above), it was so really cool.

After the service my friend, Piet and I went out on the square and I played guitar while Piet made up songs in afrikaans and we danced and tried to earn a little extra Euros. Well, we gathered a crowd and started making jokes on people and there was a buzz growing in the crowd. Then the Brussels police showed up and informed us that we were not allowed to do that and we had to quit. So we picked up the shoe, that people threw money in, and everyone cheered, because people like seeing other people get in trouble with the police. We played for only 10 or 15 minutes and received 5 Euros. Not bad. Cheers.


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Tim said...

Half of the time in NYC we can't understand anyone either...