Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Shows.

We had our first 2 shows on Sunday night at the Stratford Old Town Hall theater. The crowd was small for both shows, but from what was said afterwards I think that people were touched. We are spending this week preparing for our shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in Hammersmith at the CCiL church.

Most of the people on team moved host families this week. Last week Rach and I stayed with a great young couple from South Africa named Altus and Soleen. Today we moved further out of town to stay with a Annete and Buk. They are so nice. We have been blessed to stay with great people here in London.

Please keep praying for this tour. There are a lot of people in London that are broken hearted and have a lot of pain in their life. Our shows are touching on the pain and I think that we have a great message of hope that I want others to hear. My prayer is that they come and that we can do all we can to invite many people. Cheers.