Monday, March 05, 2007

J-Bay Day #2.

I would like to give you an update on the time here in J-Bay. As you would remember yesterday, if you were on of the few people who read this blog(***See Footnote***) you would know that the weather was crap yesterday, well today it is worse! When I was in high school a hurricane hit down the coast from where I lived and we didn't get super bad weather just a good bit of rain and wind, thats what it was like today. Like 200 km's down the beach a hurricane was hitting the town of George (where my friends Daniel and Elzette live, I miss those guys.) So it was raining like a mug and freezing like its the middle of July. I sat in a meeting soaked to the bone in a hoodie that was soaked like a sponge, I was not content, I was grumpy. Oh well. I went and bought a cheap, crappy jacket that I hope lasts at least 4 days and some socks that come up to my calf and have colored stripes at the top, not cool old school stripes like you would buy at Urban Outfitters for $30 a pair. So, I am warm now in my house, with my crappy jacket and make-me-look-like-a-pathetic-loser socks. I am more content than earlier.

Besides weather info the fest started officially today. All the groups arrived and we had a worship service tonight and our band got to lead worship. I want to write a blog about leading worship one day. I started hating worship music a couple of years back, but ironically enough I am getting many chances to lead in various places and I love the platform of music to reach people and minister, I think it is great now. So I think that went well. My boss, Flaps, gave a little message about Moses (I wasn't paying much attention so please don't email me and ask specifically what he said, I have the attention span of a 7 year old, I hope Flaps doesn't read this either and punish me, I would feel bad if I disappointed my boss [I honestly only said that so he would think I am a sweet good man rather than a man that lets his mind wander during sermons to stupid stuff like how I can make my coffee turn out better from my french press, which I don't think I can, its near perfect, Juan freakin Valdez couldn't produce anything better himself, bring it Juan you wanna show down, I'm game, bring it viejo amigo.]). So everything went well.

I hope all of you throughout the world, are doing well. Please email me sometime and let me know how you are doing, I am interested. Cheers.


***( I have a friend named Suzy, her sister has a blog, she averages like a million hits a day, ok not a million but hundreds, I get like 12 on a huge day, how can I get more? Maybe if I were more interesting or wrote more about government or used big words or discussed 18th century celtic poetry. Whatever, I like that I have people that check my blog, makes me feel important, thanks mom and Beansy.)


Suzy said...

It really sucks to be in a family of bloggers. Even Becky's BABY blog gets more hits than I do. Crazy. My mom is a pretty hardcore blogger, too. And Andy has two freakin' million myspace friends. I think that I only beat my dad in online popularity. Oh the shame.

Tim said...

Well, leat you get more hits than I do. And even though I don't leave many comments, I consider myself one of your "regulars."

Jana said...

Hey, your "mum" is a regular visitor too!
How can you tell how many hits you've gotten?
I seriously need to get with the program and update and maintain MY blog!
Hope you two don't freeze too much and are having SOME fun at J-Bay!
Love you guys!