Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Too Late Now.

I have wanted dreadlocks since I was young, I always thought they were great. So a little over a year and a half ago I made the choice to grow my hair with the intention of forming them into dreads. So about 8 months ago I got my hair all knotted in sections and let it go with the intention of growing for 5 years. I have fine hair so the dreading was slow, but the progress has picked up recently. They were messy and frizzy and I liked them. However other people didn't like them and felt it their civil duty to say things like, "I don't like your hair" or "you look horrible" you know typical nice things like that. Why would people feel its ok to do this? People say this kind of crap to me all the time. I never walk up to people and say. "you're fat" or "your shirt looks stupid" or "you dance like a deer thats been hit by a car and didn't die, but has broken 2 legs and is trying to walk". Whats up?

A philosophy I have is "I don't want to hear about it". Fine, you don't like something I did or said or the way I sang that song, why must you tell me? Please just let me be.

That said, I cut my hair last night. I now have a nice clean hair cut to go with my Rev. Holohan title that is on my movie rental contract at the DVD shop. I think it was a bad Idea. I let others pressure me into not being myself and thats bad. I would advice one of my students to be strong in what they like, but I failed. I just couldn't take it anymore. I made an emotional decision that now I kind of regret, but its too late, can't change it now. It's a nice haircut though, my female vocalist Giovanni did it for me.

I am sad now. I threw away over a year and a half of growth, patients and wonderful frizz so "I don't have to hear about it". Oh well, my Nanny will like my hair better now. Cheers.


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Flaps said...

I loved your hair u know it! But you still look pretty now Rev!