Monday, March 26, 2007

Welcome to the 1890's.

The power was off all day yesterday. I had huge plans. I was going see a movie with my wife, then drive home and make a great pot of coffee and say on the love seat and watch TV show dvd's with Ray all day until the last moment that I have to rush to my little home studio and finish a little work for Monday. However, this ruined my plan. So this is a break down of my Sunday.

Went to movie with wife (there is this deal where we can go for R7, thats just under a dollar, wicked sweet). We saw The Pursuit of Happyness (i know its old, hey its a freakin 3rd world country, you are lucky we have roads and pants and we aren't riding around on camels and killing wild game with spears for summer). It was good, but depressed me a bit in the fact that it kind of says that money will make you happy. I want to be super spiritual and say I don't feel that way, but the thing that gets me down most in life is money, so I guess I can't be self righteous. Though I do believe there has to be more.

Then, I went home and got pissed because the power was still out. At this point I was blaming the power outage for me not being able to do my work, when I was just upset because I couldn't lay on the love seat and watch tv.

Then, I took a luke warm bath, because the water in the geyser began to cool from the power being out, and read some of my historical romance book that Ray got me hooked on (thats right beansy, I am hooked on the books the NV women were going on about, its nice).

Then, in a towel, I ranted a bit because the power was off. At this point the sun was setting and I was getting a little worried about not getting my work done.

Then, the sun set and we got out the candle and realized our 4 candles aren't a great source of light.

Then, we went in search of a shop that may be opened to by oil for our oil lamps. Which is difficult on Sunday because stuff closes really early here, like 2pm.

Then, we drove around and looked for an open shop that had power, now we realized the power outage was on the whole north eastern section of Pretoria.

Then, we found oil for the lamp, went home, filled the lamps, walked around the house with my old school lamps like the kid in Where the Red Fern Grows and I laid on the couch and read my historical romance book. I did this for a while and finally went to bed.

Then, as I was falling a sleep the power came on, I know because the fan in our bedroom came on and I had a lekker night sleep.

That was my Sunday, much more involved than it was supposed to be, but hey it worked out. Got up early and had my 0630 Monday morning meeting. Another week begins. Cheers.



SouthAsiaRocks said...

Nice!! I can definitely relate :)

We just got the movie 'Pursuit of Happyness' the last couple of weeks too :) It's nice to get movies late sometimes because your friends in America can tell you if it's realy good or not (those movie critics never know what they're talking about :))

Keep rockin!!

chad. said...

You are a woman in a man suit.