Monday, March 12, 2007

What Should I Do When I Grow Up?

I am struggling with the idea of what to do for the rest of my life. I am loving what I do now, but I know I can't tour forever. Well, let me rephrase that, I could tour forever, but Ray can't and I don't want to be on the road with kids or miss them growing up because I am gone all the time.

I am loving my music production and I think that I could work here in the office at C-Kruis working on music production and I think that is something where I could really grow and impact people. I am just so confused because I think it would be great, but the idea of getting up everyday and going to the office, then coming home everyday for the rest of my life seems scary. I think that I am trying to find where my niche in ministry is. I love the music, but I want to impact people. Please pray for me so I can have a clearer picture of what I am "meant" to do.



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gregesque said...

chris, i feel your pain. i am going into my second week of unemployment now and it's killing me. i like designing but the place i was at was sucking the life out of me. so now i'm trying to find more work. you wouldn't happen to know any companies willing to pay for branding and advertising work would you? anyways, have you put any thought into maybe a solo music career. i have a lot of connections in the georgia area for music and have done a ton of music design. i would hook you up with great design if you needed me to. , are a few of my clients. and i've done some stuff for rebuilt records. you would liek them, they're a non-profit record label. i think their focus is leaving money in the musicians pockets. well, let me know. .