Saturday, March 24, 2007


Yesterday was 13thFLOORS (previously called C-Kruis) Guys and Girls day. The girls spend the afternoon and evening doing whatever it is that girls do when then spend time together, I imagine lots of giggling and nail painting. I am not sure, but Rach went to girls day wearing dancing gear and came back in a black dress with her hair looking nice, so whatever.

We guys went and did a much more masculine thing, we played rugby and drank beer. It was nice. However with this being the first rugby I have played this year, I am so stiff, it hurts. It was a good day though.

I am very excited too because this is the first weekend that Ray and I don't have to work this training. There is always something to do, actor rehearsal, writing music, preaching at our church service thing......but this weekend I am going to do nothing and go see a movie I think. I have about 45 minutes of work to do, but that doesn't really count, its easy. Hope you have a great weekend. Cheers.


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