Monday, February 25, 2008

Academy Awards.

Ray and I are watching the Oscar's and here are a few of my thoughts as the show plays.

-I love John Stewart. He's so funny.

-I love my DVR. Because then I can rewind all the techy speeches over and over and over and over.

-I loved Casey Affleck in The Assasination of Jesse James... and think he should have won Best Supporting Actor. He did an awesome job.

-I hate that we didn't get to see all the movies mentioned over and over again. We have some serious DVD renting to do to catch up.

-I have never watched a French cartoon, but I always love their art. I want to go rent Persepolis, the simplicity on the black and white looks awesome and it seems really creative.

-It was cool that the people of the military got to read out one category. That young women from the Virgin Islands had no idea that she would be on the Oscar's when she signed up for the military. I bet that was cool for her, I hope they all make it back home unharmed and soon.

-I secretly think it would be so cool to be a conductor. I also would love to create scores for movies. Music really makes a movie and would love to be part of that.

-I don't like 99% of musicals. I respect them as an art form, but I hate listening to typical "musical" music, I think its so corny. I have no desire to see "Enchanted".

-I am glad Diablo Cody won Original Screenplay for Juno. I also thought Lars and the Real Girl was super creative and could have won also.

-Daniel Day Lewis has great hair.

-I think John Steward was great, I love his since of humor.

Fun night, so long, but fun. Cheers.



Suzy said...

What I really am stoked about is that so many of the awards were for screenplays made from books! I think you'd like Persepolis - it was originally a graphic novel. And now I really want to read No Country...

The Anonymous Human said...

Have you ever seen "Once"? It won for best original song. It's not your typical musical. But it is your typical AMAZING!