Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thunder, Lightning and Snow?

Ray and I were at our friends Matt and Beth's house tonight playing Wii, which is really fun. I love Wii Tennis, Matt and I are the Venus and Serena Williams of Wii Tennis.

Anyways, this afternoon its started raining and while we were playing the game it began lightning and thundering and when we finally left, to go home, we noticed it snowed during the storm. I didn't realize that it can snow during a thunderstorm. Did you know that? I thought was pretty dang cool.

Last thought. We have had kids camps the past 2 weekends and we have our last one this coming weekend. I would love it if it snowed for the next few days and all the Phoenix kids could have a lot of snow to play it, they would freaking love it. Cheers.



Sara said...

Hey Chris & Rachel!
Hope you guys are well. It's been too long!
So our weather is totally weird too. Snow, ice, thunder, lightening, hail/sleet, whatever! Last time this happened here in December, we were all without power for 4 days! Yikes!
Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday...I hope we can catch up soon!
Love you both!

Chad French said...

We have seen thunder and snow a few times this winter in Indiana. It was odd. I think it's a sign of the end time. Jesus is come'n.

Derek Sweatman said...

this is weird. i just wrote a post about it raining in ga. wow.

Derek Sweatman said...

and yes, i did know that it can thunder during a snow storm.