Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life Update.

We still haven't sold our house yet in South Africa and that is a bit of a stress for us at this time. We were also a bit stressed because the job market in Prescott isn't that great so Ray was getting the run around from different companies that she has been applying to. However, today Ray got a JOB!!!! Woo Hoo. She is the newest/smartest/sexiest employee at Wells Fargo in Prescott Valley, AZ.

(Whisper: I'm not totally sure what she will be doing there, but she will get a paycheck to pay for the house in SA until it sells. So who cares?)

We are super stoked!

We noticed that now a days when you apply for a job you don't do much at the actually place you will potentially work. Applications are online. Your first interview is on the phone. Its kind of strange.

Congrats Ray!!!!!


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Suzy said...

Hey! Awesome news!!!